What’s Available Now

I am a Solar Alliance Channel Partner Representative, which makes me the source for a new solar product called Sunbox, designed for residential application.

Sunbox is a one-size-fits-all, pre-engineered solar package that includes panels, racks, inverters and a 10K battery storage system.

I recommend your Sunbox installation be performed in conjunction with an energy retrofit in order to match the renewable PV resource with the requirements of your home.

The cost of installing these systems has dropped steadily over the past decade. Once installed, your Sunbox system will  represent significant energy savings.

I can provide commercial and residential solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions that will fit most business and home owner’s budgets.

  • With some basic information about your home or commercial site, I make an initial determination about the suitability of solar PV technology for you.
  • I provide you with a complete financial analysis based on your location, system size, utility rate and financing.
  • I manage the installation in conjunction with the Sunbox team.

For more information, contact Bruce.