Code Compliance

New building codes, like the 2018 Code, are helping to improve the built environment and create healthier, more efficient homes and buildings here in the greater Knoxville area. However, for the contractors who have to meet new and unfamiliar code requirements, this can present a challenge. It can be difficult to change the way you’ve always done things, and it’s not always easy to ask for help. 

Energy Home Basics Takes the Stress Out of Code Compliance 

Bruce Glanville, founder of Energy Home Basics, is a certified home energy rater who has been in the better building business for many years. He is one of the most experienced code compliance consultants in the greater Knoxville area and takes the stress out of code compliance for builders, contractors, and property owners. 

Bruce will collaborate with your team from the very beginning of your project and keep it on track to meet all necessary code requirements. As an experienced energy rater, Bruce knows how to help builders get it right the first time. He makes the process seamless and will help you avoid expensive and time-consuming rebuilds due to code compliance failures. With Bruce as your code consultant, the homes you build will comply with all necessary building and energy codes, like the Tennessee 2018 Building Code, so that they are immediately sales-ready upon completion.

Code Compliance for Commercial & Residential New Construction 

Bruce is certified to provide energy rating and code compliance services for new residential and commercial construction projects of all sizes. From single-family houses to multi-family complexes, office buildings, retail shops, and more, Bruce is the go-to consultant for code compliance help in the Greater Knoxville area. 

Understanding the 2018 Code Compliance Standards 

As of January 2019, all new homes and buildings in Knoxville, Tennessee must comply with the 2018 Code. Contractors must have their new construction projects tested and approved by a certified energy rater before a Certificate of Occupancy can be granted, and new homes cannot be sold in Knoxville without passing the 2018 code compliance standards.

Bruce has been helping builders and contractors comply with new and changing regulations for years. He is well-versed in the 2018 Code and stays up to date with all regulation changes, so you can focus on your build and leave the code compliance headaches to Bruce! Have questions about Tennessee 2018 Building Codes, or need help meeting 2018 Code requirements? Call Bruce at Energy Home Basics today! 

Make sure your project meets code requirements! Schedule code compliance testing with Bruce at Energy Home Basics. Call 865-310-1601 or get in touch here.