Homeowner Services

If you want to make your home healthier, more comfortable, or more energy efficient, you’re in the right place. Energy Home Basics founder Bruce Glanville is an experienced building science expert who has long been at the forefront of the healthy homes movement. He understands how the different systems in a home interact with each other and knows how to create noticeable improvements to your home’s comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. 

Whether you want to solve a problem you’re experiencing in your current home or are getting ready to build an ultra-efficient, new construction home, Bruce can help you. Some of the many services he offers include: 

Indoor Air Quality Testing & Solutions 

Good indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the most important components of a healthy home. Our indoor air quality services include testing to find out what contaminants are in your indoor air and where they are coming from, as well as indoor air quality solutions. 

Bruce can help you figure out how to improve the indoor air quality in your home by sealing air leaks, controlling moisture intrusion and indoor humidity levels, installing better ventilation, installing a whole-home air purification system, and more. The indoor air quality products and solutions we offer are designed to minimize indoor air pollution and keep your family healthy. 

Home Energy Audits 

An energy assessment is a great starting point for home health and efficiency improvements. With a home energy audit, you’ll be able to make targeted improvements to your indoor air quality and home comfort while lowering your energy bills. Bruce has tested nearly one thousand homes as a certified energy rater. 

Not only can he conduct a comprehensive energy audit complete with blower door testing, infrared imaging, and safety testing, but he can help you sort through the results of your energy efficiency audit. Bruce will help you implement home performance upgrades based on your home energy assessment and re-test your home afterward to confirm an improvement has been made. He also offers annual follow-ups to keep your home as healthy and efficient as possible. 

Depending on the results of your home energy audit, Bruce may recommend installing new, high-efficiency appliances like a heat pump, ductless mini splits, or a heat pump water heater. He may also recommend upgrading your home’s insulation, crawl space encapsulation services, sealing air leaks with spray foam insulation, installing new energy-efficient windows, and more. 

Residential Solar Power Systems 

A home solar power system will drastically reduce your electricity bills and help you lower your impact on the environment, especially if paired with other efficiency upgrades like insulation, air sealing, and all-electric heat pump systems. Bruce designs complete solar power kits for homes that can include solar panels, solar battery storage, and an EV charging station. With solar, you can achieve a net-zero energy home and be prepared for changing code requirements that may limit gas line installations in the future. And, with a solar power system for your home, you’ll qualify for the federal solar tax credit—a lucrative incentive that helps homeowners install solar. 

Green Consulting for Renovations & New Construction

Building an ultra-efficient, ultra-healthy home requires advanced building processes and design that most contractors don’t offer. As an experienced green building consultant and energy rater, Bruce can join your building team and provide guidance to ensure home health and performance are considered throughout every step of the building process. 

Bruce provides green energy consulting for new construction and renovation projects. He can help you create your dream home using sustainable materials and green building methods that lend themselves to optimal indoor comfort, air quality, and efficiency. He can also ensure your project is code compliant, help you meet green building certification standards, and help you design a zero-energy ready or all-electric home.  

Improve your home’s indoor air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency. Call Energy Home Basics at 865-310-1601 or get in touch with us online.