Home Energy Audits

An energy audit is the ideal starting point for homeowners who want to improve their home’s energy efficiency but don’t know where to begin. Bruce Glanville, founder of Home Energy Basics, is a certified energy rater who has tested nearly a thousand homes. He provides home energy audits for single and multi-family houses throughout the greater Knoxville area and can help you understand how and where your home is wasting energy so that you can make impactful improvements, leading to: 

  • Healthier indoor air quality 
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Less energy waste 
  • More comfortable and consistent indoor temperatures 
  • Less risk of moisture intrusion and mold growth 

What Is an Energy Audit? 

An energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of your home’s energy efficiency, health, and overall performance. Professional energy audit companies use tools like blower doors and infrared cameras to evaluate your home’s insulation levels and air leakage. A home energy auditor will also perform combustion safety testing and evaluate your home’s mechanical systems. 

You can think of an energy audit as a doctor’s visit for your home. The same way you may go to the doctor for an annual physical, your home needs the occasional check-in to evaluate its health and performance. You may also schedule an energy audit to address a specific problem, like high energy bills or drafty rooms, the same way you would go to the doctor to diagnose the cause of specific symptoms. 

Sorting Through the Results of Your Energy Audit 

Diagnostic testing is a crucial step in improving your home’s health and performance. But it’s only the first step—you also need to implement efficiency upgrades based on the results of your energy audit. 

Energy Home Basics differs from other home energy audit companies near you in Knoxville in that our services don’t stop when the testing is complete. Bruce will walk you through the results of your audit and help you prioritize the recommended upgrades based on how much they’ll cost to perform and how much you stand to save on your energy bills by making them. He can even re-test your home after the upgrades have been made to verify whether they’ve made a notable difference. Recommended upgrades may include: 

  • Insulation installation 
  • Air sealing and weatherization 
  • Electric heat pump or mini split air conditioner installation 
  • Energy-efficient windows 
  • Heat pump water heater installation 
  • Basement or crawl space waterproofing 
  • Ventilation upgrades 
  • Air filtration or purification system installation 

If you’re interested in electrifying your home or moving towards net-zero energy, an energy audit is an excellent way to get started. 

Energy Audits for Utilities, Municipalities & Non-Profits

Bruce is the go-to energy auditor for utilities, municipalities, and non-profits in Tennessee and has worked with a number of organizations, including: 

  • ORNL
  • City of Knoxville
  • KEEM
  • DNV-GL
  • TVA
  • South Face 

Bruce can provide reliable, unbiased, third-party verification for your organization’s data requirements. As a building performance professional, he uses a wide range of data acquisition systems to obtain accurate and consistent data, such as Ekotrope, RemRate, Rescheck, and NEAP. 

Improve your home’s energy efficiency. Schedule a home energy audit today! Call 865-310-1601 or contact us online to get started.