About Us

Energy Home Basics is owned and operated by its founder, Bruce Glanville. Bruce is known as the go-to home performance professional in the Greater Knoxville area and is the best energy consultant and energy rater for homeowners, contractors, and utilities in the Southeastern United States. He was an early pioneer in understanding the effects of building science on good health and has tested nearly a thousand homes in his career. 

Seamless & Stress-Free Energy Improvements 

As a highly experienced building science professional and project manager, Bruce knows how to achieve lofty energy efficiency and green building certification goals without creating stress or hassle. He customizes his services to suit each specific project he’s working on, finding the best solutions for every client. 

Our services include: 

  • Indoor air quality testing and solutions 
  • Healthy home improvements 
  • Code compliance for the 2018 Code and more 
  • Green building and energy efficiency consulting 
  • LEED certification and ENERGY STAR consulting 
  • Solar consulting and design services
  • Energy audits and blower door testing 
  • And so much more! 

Who We Work With 

Bruce works with anyone who is interested in applied building science and the benefits of green building. He has provided green consulting and energy rating services for homeowners, government agencies, non-profits, architects, developers, alternative energy providers, and more, and has worked with organizations such as the TVA, Oak Ridge National Labs, and Glasgow Electric, just to name a few. 

Our Mission 

The mission of Energy Home Basics is simple: 

  • Combine Bruce’s skills in project management and proven record of accomplishment in applied building science to improve energy efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life in the built environment.
  • Design and implement collaborative energy-saving projects with utility providers and residential housing renovators.

Starting a home performance project? Call Bruce at Energy Home Basics 865-310-1601 or get in touch online.