2018 Code

FOR CONTRACTORS: As of January 2019, all new buildings in Knoxville must conform to updated 2018 Codes.

Contractors must have these homes and buildings tested and approved by a certified Energy Rater before the Certificate of Occupancy is granted.

The 2018 Code Compliance Standards have been upgraded for doors, windows, insulation, ducting and framing. In addition, homes must have a Blower Door Pressure Test and Duct Pressure Testing (when the ducts are outside the building envelope.)

New homes cannot be sold in Knoxville without passing the 2018 Code Compliance standards.

As an experienced Energy Rater, Bruce knows how to help builders get it right the first time.

What To Do

 Contracting companies have often been in business for several generations. It’s not easy to change the way things have always been done, and it’s not always easy to ask for help.

Contact Bruce, the Energy Guide. He takes the the stress out of complying with the 2018 Code.

He helps contractors and builders avoid rebuilds.

He works with contractors so the homes they build are immediately sales ready.

“Bruce Glanville is the best, most well rounded building scientist I know. Expanding on traditional building knowledge into the fast moving business of environmental sustainability and realistic energy savings, he is the most effective resource for any building owner or manager who wants to craft a total solution. Stir in a couple of personal ingredients, like ethics and humility, and you have the kind of business professional anyone would want to do business with.”  

 John Atkins, President, TerraShares, Morristown, TN