Whether you’re building a new home, renovating an old one, or rescuing a foreclosure from decay, I can help you design and complete an energy efficient home with exceptional results.

My name is Bruce Glanville. I am an Energy Pro, a certified energy rater and the owner of Energy Home Basics.

I manage full-service energy efficient home makeovers using sustainable solutions.. This service ranges from makeovers of 35 low-income units for Knox Housing Partnership to supervising multiple custom designed homes in East Tennessee through to Energy Star and LEED Certification for the owner.

I can help you sort through the results of your home energy audit. As an Energy Pro, I help you choose the right steps to begin and then get the work done with minimal fuss. I test the results so you know exactly how energy efficient and clean your home has become. You’ll have a reliable and knowledgeable coach every step of the way. I even follow through with annual check-ups if you’d like.

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Home energy makeovers bring health to people, homes and the environment. And they bring wealth to homeowners because they reduce energy bills and enhance value.

1. This kind of makeover may be barely on your radar. You may be worried about the cost, or perhaps you want to do all the site improvements yourself. Please read on through this site for Energy Home Basics that will help you decide.

2. Perhaps you’re actively researching solutions and companies who have the experience and credentials you need, with people who can tailor a home energy makeover to your needs, budget and home’s condition.

3. Time to commit? An energy efficient home makeover or new home design will give you the exceptional benefits of living in a high-performance, comfortable, healthy home. Call me today at 865-310-1601 for a free consultation.

ONE MORE THING: Eco-friendly housing used to be considered expensive, ugly or just plain weird. Today it’s designed for beauty, comfort, sustainability and durability. Today’s Energy Pros and contractors draw on the collective wisdom of both new building science and historic design concepts.

Homeowner Alert

In years to come,  your home will have to meet higher energy efficiency standards—before you can sell it.

The deadly combination of rising fuel costs, energy inefficient homes and environmental concerns—means that federal, state and local policies are continually focused on these problems. There will be a Home Energy Score, an eScore,  required at time of sale.

Energy Home Basics has the experience and tools you need to help your home meet and exceed whatever mandated standards become law. Do you know your home’s eScore?

(See About page for list of Partners and recommended energy efficient suppliers.)

“As a Green Realtor and a homeowner, I wanted to re-green my home to include superior indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Bruce showed me how to improve my home environment in the most practical terms using scientific evidence and historic common sense. The end result far surpasses everything I ever expected. I live in a clean breathable home with realized energy savings every month.” Lisa Marie McClung, 
ECO Broker