Solar panels, windmills, tidal power, geothermal heat pumps, grid battery storage and in-stream hydro are all alternative energy sources. They all rely on renewable resources. They are kind to the environment and better for your health. They can also be quite confusing.

As an Energy Coach, I can help you decide which of these alternatives is best for you and best for your property. I can help you find the best contractor and I can help you through the process of applications and financing. I  can help you create the kind of healthy, energy efficient home you’ve always wanted.

What’s Available Now

In East Tennessee, Aries Energy is an experienced provider of solar photovoltaic systems. The cost of installing these systems has dropped steadily over the past five years. Once installed, these systems represent significant energy savings.

According to Aries Energy, the average home in Tennessee uses 14,604kWh annually.

With a 10kW Solar Panel system, this same home can produce 11,970kWh annually. This alternative energy source reduces energy costs by 82%.

  • Average annual cost of Electricity without Solar in Tennessee:  $1,549.48
  • Average annual cost of Electricity with Solar in Tennessee:  $40.07

ARIES Energy offers commercial and residential solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions that will fit most business and home owner’s budgets.

  • With some basic information about your home or commercial site, Aries makes an initial determination about the suitability of solar PV technology for you.
  • Aries provides you with a complete financial analysis based on your location, system size, utility rate and financing.
  • Aries represents a number of quality solar panel, inverter, mounting and other solar product manufacturers and vendors.

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