Aside from reducing your energy bills by at least 25%, we strive to make your home makeover “cost-neutral.” That means you’ll make up the costs of improved efficiency by savings in energy bills, rebates from manufacturers and government incentives. We work with local banks to create home energy makeover financing packages.

Energy Makeover ROI

The lack of an energy makeover keeps your TVA bills high; your house cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

The most important cost figure is this: The average energy bill is $200-$300. With an energy makeover, your bill will be reduced by at least $100, usually more.

The cost of a full home energy makeover, financed by a bank, can be anywhere from $5000 to $40,ooo depending on the scope of the project and the size of your home. And, depending on the term of your loan, the extra monthly payment is usually just over $100 per month. That means that the money you save on your energy bill pays the monthly loan extra for the improvements. Once your payments are complete, you have an extra $100 per month or more to put in your pocket for recreation, travel and other home improvements.

Home Energy Makeover Rebates

US Federal Government offers a small rebate for Energy Star appliances.

US Federal Government offers a 30% value tax credit for Solar and Ground Source Geo-Thermal installations.

Makeover Health ROI

The industry is beginning to compile evidence-based data and double blind studies about how improved air quality improves health and performance.

Building Science magazine published a story about an elementary school which underwent a complete renovation. They added more daylighting, sealed leaks, improved air quality and reduced the energy load on the building.

Revolving door absenteeism from respiratory illness dropped 10% the next year. And the overall utility savings allowed the school board to hire 3 additional teachers.


New Zealand study shows significantly improved health.

Harvard, Suny and Syracuse University study shows significantly improved cognitive performance and productivity.

HVACR THE NEWS Technical article discusses the benefits of clean air in homes and buildings.


“Bruce Glanville is the best, most well rounded building scientist I know. Expanding on traditional building knowledge into the fast moving business of environmental sustainability and realistic energy savings, he is the most effective resource for any building owner or manager who wants to craft a total solution. Stir in a couple of personal ingredients, like ethics and humility, and you have the kind of business professional anyone would want to do business with.”  

 John Atkins, President, TerraShares, Morristown, TN