Home Energy Audits

I assess your home’s energy efficiency—including indoor air quality and moisture management— and give you a customized energy blueprint to create a new kind of safe, healthy and durable building. Once you have your blueprint, you can do the upgrades yourself or hire Energy Home Basics to complete the project for you.

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Do You Need a Home Energy Audit?

Homes are highly sensitive, holistic systems that, unlike cars, don’t come with operating manuals. A healthy home has the right balance of air circulation, efficient appliances, insulation and protection from the elements. Upgrades must maintain that balance or you will create more problems than you started with, even though you want to do the right thing.

One customer was 3/4 done with building her own home before she had an energy audit. I discovered a number of costly red flags. Her response? “Wish I’d met you a year ago.” 

Red flags:

  • High energy bills even when you try to conserve
  • Mold and condensation
  • Old, noisy air conditioner and/or furnace
  • Rooms are drafty, too hot or too cold
  • Stuffy, musty, unpleasant air
  • Roof leaks or crawl space seepage
  • Wet basement
  • Asthma or allergies get worse indoors
  • Outdoor smells (and pollution) come inside
  • Kids have too many colds, sinus infections and/or headaches
  • Cooling and heating systems frequently cycle on and off

All these are symptoms of an unhealthy home. An Audit will tell you exactly what is needed to recover your home’s health. The solutions may not be what you expect.

What’s Involved

In a Home Energy Audit, I test the flow of air through windows, doors and HVAC ducting, roof and wall insulation and all through-wall utility fittings. I check drainage and the condition of all appliances. While the size of your home affects the length of the survey, the average Audit takes 3-4 hours.

All data from the Audit is entered into an industry-standard computer program on my laptop. This gives us the the step-by-step priority list for your makeover upgrade right away.

You immediately receive a print-out with graphic illustrations that show where your home’s energy strengths and weaknesses are. Then we’ll discuss the most  sustainable ways for you to remedy the weaknesses. We’ll also discuss the best suppliers to help you.

Once you have the audit and energy blueprint in hand you’ll have a much clearer picture of how to achieve improved energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, reduced maintenance and lower energy bills.


Home Energy Makeovers begin with the audit.

Audits can range from a simple walk-through to a complete survey and computer-analyzed report. Fees range from $150 per hour to $1000 for a large home energy audit.

Free 5 minute consultation. Additional consultation at $150 per hour.

Makeover Construction  If Energy Home Basics is contracted for subsequent building remediation, I pass through the cost of materials, labor and hardware, and charge a 12% fee for supervisory services.


New Zealand study shows significantly improved health.

Harvard, Suny and Syracuse University study shows significantly improved cognitive performance and productivity.

HVACR THE NEWS Technical article discusses the benefits of clean air in homes and buildings.

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“Bruce’s photos were backed up with graphic printouts that really showed where the house had room for energy improvement. I never knew that a house that looked as good as mine does could have so much room for energy improvement!” Ben Pinnell, Hickory Construction, 865-389-3929